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Just one year after becoming the first whisky distillery to open in North Wales for more than 100 years, Aber Falls has already started forging new, exciting connections around the globe. So, who better to share their experience of building an international brand, than the distillery’s Managing Director, James Wright.

Looking to encourage businesses of all sizes to reap the benefits that come with overseas expansion – no matter what stage of the export process they’re operating at – Wright will offer practical advice on how to begin developing a strategy, how to build contacts, and how to make sure you’re getting the right value for your product.

Having more than 15 years’ experience dealing with the complexities of operating internationally, Wright knows a thing or two when it comes to exporting, supply chain management, as well as the plethora of laws, regulations and policies applicable.

Beyond this, with a wealth of real world experience to draw on, Wright fully understands the importance of appreciating cultural differences, researching and testing a new market, identifying, appointing and managing overseas agents and representatives, and having both patience and persistence to succeed. 

“As a brand, we’re expanding our horizons and making the most of global opportunities and demand for quality Welsh goods. Securing new and maintaining current export markets is crucial to our ambition for 2019 and beyond, so we can continue growing Aber Falls’ footprint,” commented Wright.

“We need to continue being ambitious for Wales, creating a strong and vibrant economy, long-term. Unlocking new markets brings even greater opportunities for Welsh food and drink businesses to not only showcase their quality produce around the world, but also generate more revenue and increase their profits. With Wales’ reputation and provenance, we have a strong platform for further growth that will benefit everyone.”

Catch James’ talk at 12.05 on 21/3/19

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