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Brynmor Flapjacks – Lovingly baked in Wales



Introducing Brynmor flapjacks, Wales’s number one gluten free flapjack brand! Championing the best of Wales and the brilliant outdoors.

Lovingly baked in Wales using the finest Welsh jumbo oats delivering a hearty helping of fibre, they’re the perfect snack to accompany every adventure. Brynmor flapjacks are produced exactly as nature intended with absolutely no added nasties and both vegetarian and vegan options.

With bold packaging depicting the rolling Welsh hills and a strong Welsh name meaning ‘Great Hill’, Brynmor flapjacks bring a premium quality brand to the category and offer consumers not only a great tasting natural snack but a smarter snack; crammed with added healthier ingredients and an abundance of amazing flavours.

We know, ‘52% of people who snack state healthy aspects e.g. fibre & protein are seen to make an indulgent snack more acceptable’*, the Brynmor protein range including divine Salted Caramel and traditional Golden Syrup flavours with 10g of protein per bar are catering to the growing consumer demand for a protein snack that naturally delivers on taste too.

With ‘24% of category buyers stating that reduced sugar is important to them when buying baked goods for themselves’*; the two Brynmor reduced sugar flavours promote the delicious experience of eating a flapjack but with 30% less sugar and 30% less guilt.

Says Kendra Jones Brand Manager; “The flapjack category is experiencing double digit year on year growth* and this offers an exciting opportunity to launch our wonderful brand. Brynmor celebrates and encourages adventure in Wales and beyond and we want to be the go-to snack for consumers to take with them on their next quest. From a filling breakfast on the go, to a snack at the peak of adventure or a delicious mid-afternoon treat, Brynmor flapjacks have wide appeal to consumers who value healthier and quality snacks.

Our avid adventurer ‘Bryn’ is on a mission to provide the nation with the best snacks for their adventures and we will follow Bryn as he shouts his love for Brynmor flapjacks from the Welsh hill tops and takes our customers and consumers on the journey with him.  Baked in the heart of Wales but delivering the best tasting flapjacks across the entire world are the ambitious plans for the brand, plans that echo the adventurous spirit and passion surrounding the much loved Brynmor flapjacks”. Where will Brynmor flapjacks take you?

Watch Bryn on his adventures here:

The Brynmor range

Traditional 80g range

With a mouth-watering variety of traditional and innovative flavours on offer, the traditional 80g flapjacks, offer something for everyone, and each comes with a variety of real health benefits, including:

✓  Gluten free

✓ Wheat free

✓ Source of fibre

✓ Suitable for vegetarians (vegan options)

✓  No artificial colours or flavours

Protein 52g range

With a good 10g of protein in each flapjack, the protein range not only delivers on taste, it also provides important fuel for the body to provide longer lasting and slow release energy plus added health benefits; 

✓  10g protein in each bar

✓ Gluten free

✓  Wheat free

✓  Source of fibre

✓  Suitable for vegetarians (vegan options)

✓  No artificial colours or preservatives

Reduced Sugar 40g range

With 30% less sugar than the average flapjack, our innovative flavour combinations ensure that our reduced sugar range still tastes unbelievably delicious and boast the following health credentials:

✓  Gluten free

✓  Wheat free

✓  Vegan friendly

✓  High in fibre

✓  No artificial colours or preservatives

✓  30% less sugar

*Source; Mintel Cakes, Cake Bars and Sweet Baked Goods – UK – March 2018

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