Phillip Adcock

Managing Director, SBXL

Phillip is a leading authority on people’s behaviour. With more than 30 years of human behavioural research, he has developed a unique ability to identify what it is that makes people tick, both psychologically and physiologically. He works in an advantageous position of not being constrained within any particular brain science field. Moreover, Phillip has developed his skills by combining the teachings of experts on numerous aspects of neuroscience, psychology and emotion within his professional role of helping leading brands and retailers better understand how to communicate with their customers.

Phillip is Managing Director of leading specialist research agency Shopping Behaviour Xplained Ltd, who operate in 25 countries and boast a client base consisting of many of the best known names in retail. “As the Managing Director of one of the UK’s largest specialist shopping research agencies, I have significant experience in attracting commercial investment to fund academic research projects. Specific examples include: a syndicated fMRI study funded by Kraft, General Mills and Johnson & Johnson, a series of studies funded by Kraft to develop a new olfactory marketing campaign and research funded by Mars to develop a new Point of Purchase display informed from a psychological perspective.”